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Member Application Form

Post by NeXuS on Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:32 pm

If you wanna be Apply for Clan-Member rank this includes Forum-Admin rights and Clan-Tag you need to follow our Application Form or it won't be accepted! The questions who are marked with (*) must be filled or you gonna risk that your Application will be Rejected and Trashed!

1. Account Details:

Your USGN ID*:
Your USGN Name*:
In game-name*:

2. About you:

What is your Realname?*:
Birth Date*:
What is your SkypeID?*:

3. Special questions:

Have you any experience how to moderate an Forum?*:
Note: Write in full sentences!

How long can you be active at week?*:
Note: Write your Estimated time where you can spent here!

Have you got any experience as Scripter/Mapper/Mangagement?:
Note: Write in full sentences!

In a Scale from 1 to 10, how good is your English?*:
Note: Answer Truely, you would blame yourself more if you lie!

Do you accept our rules, and don't try to break them?*:
Note: Just write Yes or No

If you're Apply and you're missing one or two or more of the (*) questions, you got 24 Hours time to improve or edit again your Application otherwise it will be recjected! Answer truely the Informations, some of them will be checked by the Administrators and if you're lieing us you'll be Auto-Rejected without any exceptions!

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